THE ARMY has a bizarre way of rewarding promotion. My husband was selected for advancement but will have to remain in his current regimental post because his replacement will not be available until the very end of the ten-month window in which he can take up his next post.

I am irritated that through no fault of his own we will be significantly worse off than his peers who will be released to take up new posts at the beginning of the window. In addition, there’s the even more ridiculous scenario that those that missed out on the real promotion board can be promoted earlier than those who scored more highly as they are picked up on the reserve list.

Why not pick a date after the promotion board is produced to increase everyone’s pay so that the system is fair? We are losing out and while I am not in Army housing, I would be chomping at the bit to get my hands on a bigger house if I were. This should be reviewed in the short-term but must be resolved by the start of the New Employment Model.
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Response from Army Personnel Centre:
At any stage in an Army career, promotion reflects the performance and potential of our officers and soldiers, and your husband is to be congratulated on his selection. Candidates for promotion are considered against their capbadge peer group in a selection year, and normally gain their next rank in the following promotion year. This promotion year will include a set date (dependent on rank) for all those selected to promote – this is their substantive promotion date. However, the promotion year will also include a window to promote, where acting rank may be awarded. The date on which a pre-selected Serviceperson takes up their new post depends on finding the balance between the needs of the Service and the needs of the individual; the individual’s career manager, their future employer and the individual all play a role in this process. Individuals are selected for the best appointment available for their career progression, job aspirations and knowledge, skills and experience. This balance provides the Army with the flexibility and fairness it needs to operate in a fast-moving personnel environment.

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