IN MARCH 2012 my husband contacted HMRC in relation to claiming a tax allowance for the cleaning of uniforms. We received a letter which said that discussions were taking place with the MOD regarding laundry facilities.

The MOD published a Defence Information Brief (DIB) in April 2012 which did not actually contain any helpful information. We have recently had dry cleaning bills for a suit and mess dress for more than £50 and have also seen in an increase in every-day wash costs due to PT being run five-days-a-week (some in uniform), only having four uniform t-shirts due to continued problems with ordering supplies, and having to wash military kit separately due to the Velcro damaging other clothing.  We still do not know if Service personnel are eligible for a tax allowance. Has there been any progress on this?Name & address supplied

Response from Lt Col Steve Bostock, SO1 Allowances (PS10):
You’re right, negotiations have been continuing since last year’s DIB albeit at a frustrating pace. The good news is that these have finally concluded and other ranks will soon be granted annual tax relief for the costs of laundering issued uniforms. I cannot yet divulge the amount but it is a reasonable sum and personnel are likely to be able to claim for four years retrospectively too. This will bring Service personnel in line with other public sector workers. The rank of the Service person is not given but it should be noted that officers already receive tax relief for the upkeep of their (non-issued) uniforms.


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