CAN the MOD look at issuing a permanent dependant’s ID card like our version of a MOD F90?

Getting a dependant pass for camp for where we are currently based (Larkhill) is like a mystery nobody knows how to solve.

It’s also creating lots of admin for the military repeating the same checks and paperwork each time a family moves. If all dependants were issued with a pass that was valid at all locations it would save the Army money and time as well as reducing (some of) the frustration and stress associated with moving all the time!

Stacey Jones

Response from Col (Ret’d) David Challes, SO1 Security, Army HQ: The CO/head of establishment controls access to his/her site and is responsible for setting policy on the issue of passes to dependants.

Such a policy will be specific to that site; a pass issued for a dependant at Larkhill would not be valid in Bulford for example. 

Confusion often arises over the difference between ID cards and passes. A permanent dependant’s ID card would only verify identity and would not automatically grant access to a specific site.

Even when I was serving, an MOD F90 would not have got me access to Army HQ in Andover and MOD Main Building in London, for example. If I wanted to take my car in to any camp, I would still have needed a site-specific pass.

An identity card review has recently been undertaken and has provided an opportunity for the Army to take a top-down view on whether to authorise ID cards for dependants, though the Army would have to pay for them!

However, until we know more about the policy and the costs, we won’t be in a position to say whether this will happen.

At Larkhill, the Garrison Chief of Staff has confirmed that there is a policy for the issue of passes to dependants. Staff in the guard room should know this policy and  be able to direct dependants to the office which issues the passes.

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