A FUTURE Accommodation Model (FAM) pilot has been developed to help understand how forces families will choose to live in the future and how FAM can be improved. It’s a chance for the MOD to test the policy and the way it’s delivered before a decision is made about whether to roll it out across the UK.

Where and when?
The confirmed pilot site for army families is Aldershot Garrison, starting from 31 January 2020.

What if we’re posted to the pilot site?
You’ll be kept updated as the pilot is developed and you can find out more at gov.uk – the JSP is available this summer.

Pilot options
If you’re posted to Aldershot and your soldier has fewer than four years’ service, current policy will apply. If your soldier has four years or more, you’ll be able to express a preference for the types of accommodation listed below (subject to availability). If you’re already living in Aldershot, you won’t need to move unless you want to.

What about non-pilot sites?
The pilot is expected to last three years before a decision is made about rolling it out across the UK. If this is confirmed, the majority of bases will gradually transition to FAM over the next decade. To find out more, search ‘FAM’ at gov.uk or speak to the chain of command. There’s a FAM video on YouTube, you can talk to your HIVE or contact AFF – aff.org.uk

Rent near work (50 miles)
  • You can choose to rent a home equivalent to SFA for broadly the same personal cost
  • You can rent in the location of your choice, with the people you want to live with
  • If you need to leave a tenancy early for MOD reasons, MOD will pick up the cost
Buy a home
  • You can buy a home whether you’re single or in a relationship
  • If you buy a home once assigned to a pilot site, you’ll get the new core accommodation payment towards your mortgage payments
  • You can also make use of Forces Help to Buy
Single Living Allowance (SLA)
  • SLA will continue to be available for all personnel
  • If you currently own or rent your own home and get the Get You Home (Travel) allowance, you can use your new accommodation payment for SLA in the working week
Service Family Accommodation (SFA)
  • If you’re in a long-term relationship you can apply for SFA at a pilot site, subject to availability
  • SFA will not be sold as part of the pilot
  • Personnel assigned to a pilot site choosing SFA can retain their current entitlement, subject to SFA availability


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