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I met my husband in 2014. We got married the following year and moved into first our quarter. I instantly made the house our home and was so excited for the future.

This was our first home together, so I was really happy. The process wasn’t stressful and I’m really glad we got the house we did.

Our lives changed so much when our daughter was born a year after and at this point my husband was also going on exercise a lot, so he didn’t see much of her. He tried to be there for all her firsts, but I was lucky to be close to my family for support. My husband moved camp, but we were able to stay in the quarter. We were very thankful as there were people near us who had moved so many times!

I never found moving too hard but it’s the friends you leave behind part that really hits you. We made the decision to move out of quarters as my husband was going to be deployed to Afghanistan for nine months. For the sake of our daughter, he decided he wanted to be there for her, so he’s now a reservist.

Fast forward to 2020 and after years of saving and hard work we’ve moved into our forever home.

If it wasn’t for the army, I’d never have met  my husband and we would never be where we are today. The army made us realise we don’t want to be without each other. I’ll always be proud of him serving and all that he’s sacrificed.

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