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Separation has certainly made me appreciate the strength required for this military life.

The first time I experienced it was when my wife received a posting to Germany in 2017. Unfortunately, we weren’t due to get married until spring 2019, which meant I couldn’t go with her. My heart sank the day she left for her new unit. Some would call me lucky as it was only a short flight away, but it felt like she was on the other side of the world. I’d never quite realised just how much I’d miss being able to say goodnight in person.

Despite living in different countries, we made it work. Once a month, I would lug my suitcase through London’s rush hour to get to the airport. It was filled with the enormous shopping list of UK treats she’d been craving. I’d have butterflies for the entire journey but, from the moment I saw her on the other side, I would feel calm. I’d feel like I was home – everything just felt right.

Once those short nine days were through, my heart would break all over again. Having to say goodbye at the airport and head back to the UK was pure torture, and it never got any easier no matter how many times we parted ways. But as soon as I was through security, it was time to focus and plan for my next visit. During the weeks we were apart, we were still able to talk on the phone every day. That’s something I’m so grateful for – thank goodness for technology!

Fast forward to today and those days seem like a distant memory, even though she’s now waiting to go on tour.

We’re finally living together and just being able to do the little things, such as take our dog for a walk, is wonderful. At least we know that whatever happens, we’ll get through it, no matter what.

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