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I often joke about elements of military life that frustrate me. Whether it’s the posting lottery, the state of our latest quarter, the relentless change of plans or the long periods of time alone.

It’s by no means easy and not for everyone but it’s definitely unique. Despite the frustrations that come with being a military spouse, the overarching feeling I have is pride for my partner’s choice of career. I’d certainly find it more difficult to accept this way of life if I didn’t recognise his commitment to the job.

At times, the relentless exercises and long deployments have really tested my resolve. Externally I seemed to be coping whilst being a single parent for six months, but underneath have felt really lonely and hard done by that I had to make it all work until he returns. Don’t get me started on having to pick up the dog poo in the garden and take out the bins!

Somehow through a lot of strength, resilience and support from family and friends I got through it one day at a time until we were reunited again. The important thing to remember is we’re still essentially a team. It’s fundamentally about supporting each other whatever the circumstances. It’s about compromise and understanding and never taking each other for granted. It’s the ability to laugh at yourself and each other and know through the chaos that everything will be alright in the end.

We have a mat at our front door that says ‘home’. It may sit in front of our magnolia quarter, away from close friends and family, but it’s still our home because the people we love the most live in its walls. What being a military family means to me is that no matter where you live, no matter what your house looks like, as long as you are with your family, nothing else matters.

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