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I’ve been with my husband for five and a half years now. I met him at a Home Office event. He was there representing the army and I was there representing the police.

We’re the total opposite to each other but somehow it really works. We’re like chalk and cheese, but we have music in common – and also our careers. I always hate the words “do you know what you are getting into?”. The answer to that is yes, I did know what I was getting into when I got involved with an army man. But I always say does he realise what he’s getting into being married to a policewoman? That usually shuts them up!

Taking random calls from each other at different times of the day seems normal. Whether it’s because I’m on shift or he’s away. Our working hours are all over the place. I don’t think I ever
call my husband at the right time of the day.

There are periods when we don’t speak for ages, like when he had to go to Nepal and there was no reception. So, for more than three weeks we didn’t get chance to talk to each other and I didn’t know if he was okay. He sent a postcard, which arrived after he came back! We are ships that pass. This has made us appreciate our marriage more because when we actually have our quality time, we know the value of it.

We decided to get our own house instead of living on camp, to make our own memories and have a space to call ours. When we’re together we always go running. We love to try to stay fit. It clears our minds ready for the day.

We always make time for each other and my husband knows if I’m on a night shift he may get a call from me at 2am if it’s been hard, just to hear his voice. It also shows that no matter what jobs you both have, you can still work and invest in your relationship.

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