Are you still working, living and playing inside the same four walls? Have you started talking to the dog yet? When lockdown eases, seek out your local Military Coworking Network (MCN) hub. They’re not just a professional space for you to work or study from; they’re about getting out of the house to improve your mental wellbeing.

Isolation and loneliness
Social isolation is something the MCN has been talking about since the first hub was opened in 2017, but COVID-19 has made everyone realise just how important those day-to-day human interactions are.

Lockdown has made many companies realise the benefits of having a remote workforce, and many employees have enjoyed the flexibility that working from home can give. However, some of you have also been missing your colleagues. Working from home, even with all the technology, can be isolating and lonely.

“To be able to ‘go out’ to work has made a huge difference,” says one hub member. “Previously I would work in a cupboard and the breaks I took would be housework related. My only exposure to the outside world was the school run. I now have a new circle of friends, am a lot happier generally and probably more productive.”

Swap your house for a hub
The coworking hubs provide office space on, or close to, military bases around the UK and overseas for non-serving members of the military community to use. Whether you’re building a business, studying, writing your CV or working remotely, the hubs are used by different people for different reasons, but the benefits are the same. Members feel they belong to a community that understands their professional life, and they have people to chat to and share ideas (and coffee!) with.

Stay connected
The network of hubs is growing rapidly, but if there isn’t one in your area, the online Military Coworking Community group provides connections with people that really understand the impact that military life can have on your career, and who will support and encourage you to reach your full potential.

Go to to find out which hubs are open or join the Military Coworking Community on Facebook.

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