There have been some changes to the Additional Needs and Disability Adaptations (ANDA) process under the new accommodation contracts which kicked off in April. Karen Ross, AFF Health & Additional Needs Specialist, explains…

If you or your family member requires new adaptations or further adaptations to your current quarter you should go to the ANDA page on the Pinnacle website. You’ll then be asked to complete the form, accessed through the link at the bottom of the page.

If you or your family member require ANDA to your new Service Family Accommodation (SFA) on assignment, or you are required to move to a more suitable SFA in your current location, you should submit an e1132 and tick the additional needs box. In the larger information box state that you have sent supporting medical information or an Occupational Therapist report to the Pinnacle ANDA Manager.

For all ANDA requests, ask your OT or medical professional to complete the DIO ANDA assessment form, but these professionals can choose to use their own documentation if preferred. Once you have the supporting medical/OT report send it to, including your e1132 application number, for the attention of the ANDA Manager.

The DIO ANDA team will either agree to the works or ask the ANDA Manager to seek further clarification of requirements if this isn’t clear. Once the work has been agreed the Pinnacle Regional Managers will be responsible for all the ANDA case updates and communications.

Moving back to the UK

If you’re moving back to the UK from overseas and need ANDA it’s important to ensure the Pinnacle National Service Centre is aware so they can make sure that the most suitable SFA is identified and that any adaptations meet your family’s needs.

Call +44 (0) 161 605 3529 Option 2 or email as soon as you can.

An Occupational Therapist’s report or medical report will always be required when you submit your e1132. Send it to

You may be entitled to a publicly funded return journey to visit the SFA and meet the OT. More information is available in JSP 752, Chapter 6.

Please do not book your removals or a move-out date unless you have a confirmed date for move-in from the ANDA Manager or Pinnacle Regional Managers. This process can take some time or unforeseen problems may occur. If the timings overlap, your unit welfare officer (UWO) and/or chain of command should be able to help.

AFF is keen to monitor this new process and would welcome your feedback –

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