You’ve chosen the Service charity you wish to support – now you need to spread the word. Setting up an online fundraising page can be key to your success. Lottie Hammond, charity and customer support lead at online portal JustGiving, has some expert insight to share…

1. Share on Facebook

Think about what time of day your post will get the most eyes on it and share it then. Already shared your page? No worries – add a new photo, comment or video so that it catches your friends’ attention while they’re scrolling through their feed.

2. Tweet

Twitter is an amazing way to spread the word about what you’re up to. Tag the charity you’re fundraising for and the chances are they’ll retweet you. You can also use hashtags to appear in relevant conversations, which could spread the word far beyond your own community of followers.

3. Use your email signature

Add a button that links to your fundraising page in your email signature and you’ll be quietly reminding people about the amazing thing you’re doing every time you send an email. It’s a subtle but effective way to increase support.

4. Tell the local press

Make it easy for the local press to pick up your story – a few lines in the paper or an appeal on local radio can really help your cause. Send them a press release and include all the details about what you’re doing along with your fundraising page URL. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

5. Make posters

If you set up your page through JustGiving, you can create a poster-style view of your fundraising page with all the information that you have online. It’s handy for sticking up in the office, your local shop or on the school notice board. Best of all, it comes with slips for your supporters to tear off, complete with the web address to your page.

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