Giving your home a new look is not the easiest of challenges when you’re on a tight budget, but Army spouse and blogger Mel Prescott-Davies has a few ideas to help you freshen things up…

Check out local online selling groups or charity shops for cheap or free furniture that can be transformed with fabric or paint.

Or look at what you’ve already got – if it’s looking a bit tired then explore ways to breathe life back into it.

If your curtains don’t fit, think about using the fabric to make cushions or cover a chair. I recently transformed some old curtains into Swedish blinds; I had no idea how to make them so I searched the internet and found a tutorial. I have a sewing machine and basic skills, but it transpired they were easy to make, even for a complete novice.

Find inspiration
YouTube and online blogs are great places to find inspiration – they will take you through each step and you can ask questions in the comments section. Instagram is my new home interiors playground. It’s very distracting, but there are ideas by the bucket load. Annie Sloan’s step-by-step tutorials are a must-see.

Tie it together
Once you’ve got your ideas, think of how to put them into practice. If it’s a whole room, a mood board is a good starting point.

Gather fabric and paint samples (although be mindful of painting your SFA walls) and either makeover a pre-loved piece of furniture or use what you’ve got.

Or start small. I used an old frame and some wooden letters that spelt ‘love’. I painted the frame with tester paint, backed the frame’s board using a free wallpaper sample and painted the letters blue. Using a strong craft glue I stuck them on and it looked amazing. These make great gifts too.

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