AFF receives a significant number of enquiries about move-in matters – especially around cleanliness. Last year move-in/move-out issues accounted for 15 per cent of all of the housing enquiries we received.

Cat Calder, our Housing Specialist, said: “AFF understands that the state of the property when you’re moving in can set the tone for an entire posting and we are disheartened that issues are still arising.

“I encourage everyone who has issues to log an official complaint with CarillionAmey (CA). Don’t forget that you can claim compensation vouchers from DIO – apply within 14 days of move-in.”

Katie, who recently contacted AFF with issues at move-in, said: “On arrival, we found numerous contractors still rectifying various faults. The property had been unoccupied for months, so CA had ample time to rectify the issues but they didn’t begin work until the day before our move-in.

“The housing officer had informed the welfare team the night before, but neglected to contact us.

“Our welfare attended our move-in which was fabulous,” added Katie. “We raised a stage one and stage two complaint and recruited Cat from AFF who liaised for us too. I argued and made sure I was fully informed.”

CA spokesperson Helen Thompson said: “No-one should move into a dirty home. Thankfully the vast majority of our 2,000 move-ins a month go well.

“Regrettably there’s still a level of failure and poor experience for families. We’re aware that some locations and contractors perform better than others and through our audits, customer feedback and complaints processes we can identify and deal with under-performance.

“We conduct regular reviews of cleaning, equipment and performance and contractors may incur financial penalties for failures.”


If you have a cleanliness issue at move-in, Cat recommends:

  • If possible, arrange removals for a day or two after move-in so contractors won’t be tripping over your removal crew if issues need to be rectified.
  • Read the move-in guidance at so you know what to expect and the processes that should be followed.
  • Ensure all issues, including cleanliness, are recorded on the move-in paperwork before you sign for it. All recorded issues should be rectified within 24 hours, even if it’s over a weekend.
  • Lack of cleanliness isn’t considered an uninhabitable fault so you can’t refuse to move in however, CA must send out cleaners.

If your property is deemed uninhabitable for any other reason, CA should resolve it within 24 hours and arrange alternative accommodation.

This will either be a temporary fully-furnished home, an alternative permanent home in the same area or a nearby hotel.

Helen added: “We will arrange for the removals company to store any removals and arrange re-delivery for when the family’s home is ready.

“If necessary, we arrange for pets to be accommodated, should the allocated hotel not allow pets.”

If you’re having problems at move-in, AFF would like to know. Email Cat at

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