From 1 April, secondary healthcare in Cyprus is switching to the American Medical Centre (AMC) in Nicosia instead of the Ygia Polyclinic in Limassol.

Whilst some families may be concerned about the extra travel time, there will be a bus service from camp for those with appointments, plus the AMC has an additional outpatients’ facility in Limassol. In addition, AMC has a helipad, which is great news for emergencies where travel times by ambulance would not be the best clinical option.

No change in quality

AFF has been reassured that there will be no change in the quality of care. If you do have any concerns about your individual treatment and care plan, we encourage you to discuss these with the Health Engagement Officer, who will help to find a way forward.

The change will not have any negative impact on the screening requirements for those of you who are posted to Cyprus.

Commander Med, Group Captain Mark Richardson (pictured) says: “I’m delighted the American Medical Centre will be providing the majority of our secondary healthcare needs for the BFC community over the next two years. My team and I will work hard over the coming months to ensure a smooth transition between the two providers with patients at the heart of our focus and decision making.”

If you do have any issues, contact the AFF Overseas team at

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