In the current cost of living crisis, those of you who have a family member with a disability, chronic or acute illness, can face even higher costs. Often a family member is a parent carer so finds it difficult to work. Help is at hand though and Karen Ross, AFF’s Health & Additional Needs Specialist, takes a look at what support is available…

Disability Living Allowance (DLA) – child

In England, Northern Ireland and Wales DLA can be claimed for children under 16 to help with any extra financial costs that result from their disability.

Children are eligible if they have mobility issues and/or if they require more support than other children of the same age who don’t have a disability –

In Scotland DLA has been replaced by Child Disability Payment and can be claimed for children under 16 with a disability or medical condition, however, it may be paid until the child is 18 –

Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

PIP is paid to support people with any extra costs they have due to their longterm physical and mental health issues and/or disability. You can receive PIP even if you’re working as it isn’t means tested. Once a young person reaches 16 they will need to claim PIP themselves –

In Scotland PIP is beginning to be replaced with Adult Disability Payment –

Carer’s Allowance

If you care for someone for at least 35 hours a week and they receive certain benefits (including DLA and PIP) you may be eligible for Carer’s Allowance –

You can continue to claim your benefits overseas, but it’s important to contact the Department for Work and Pensions so they are aware of your change of circumstances.

If you’re experiencing any issues with this, contact us via email at

Other benefits or grants


Contact has some useful information on the financial support available to families who have a child with disability or illness and also provides cost-of-living advice –

Scotland Independent Living Fund

Young people aged 15 to 25 who have a disability or impairment can apply to the transition fund to help them to access and take part in new activities or to learn a new skill –

Disability Wales

Useful information on benefits and cost-of- living advice –

Family Fund

This can support families who have a disabled and/or seriously ill child by providing grants for equipment and support –

The Boparan Charitable Trust

This charity provides funding for children with disabilities and life-limiting illnesses across the UK –


Raises awareness and campaigns on behalf of disabled people including the extra costs they can experience –

Snowdon Trust

Provides two grant programmes to support people who have a disabilities to achieve their goals in further education, higher education or vocational training –

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