Military allowances are there to offset extra expenses related to service life so it pays to make sure you’re claiming what you’re entitled to.


If you’re moving into your own home, you may be able to claim Get You Home Travel, which helps with travel costs to and from your workplace and covers two return journeys a month.

In addition to your mortgage or rent, you may also have to pay for Single Living Accommodation (SLA). SLA charges can be waived for certain reasons, for example if you’re involuntarily separated for service reasons or if you’re eligible for the Army Over-37 Provision. For more, see the military allowances page at

Travel costs

If you’re living within 50 miles of your duty station then Home to Duty Travel could help with the cost of traveling to work every day. There’s also support through Home to Duty Pedal Cycle, available if you cycle more than a mile from home to work.

Leaving service

If you’re heading to civvy street, think about final removals and plan early. Generally, final removals are not paid for but there are exceptions, such as returning from overseas.

Final Tour of Duty is a request for your last posting to be in an area where you want to settle. If you can’t be assigned within 50 miles of the location you requested, then Removals and Disturbance Expense may be paid. However, you must fill in a form before your last posting to request your assignment location.

This is just a snapshot of the allowances that can be claimed, there are many more. For info, see, Discover My Benefits or contact your unit HR admin team.

Moving when posted

If you’re moving and eligible for Disturbance Expense, your claim can be submitted 45 days before your expected move date to then be paid 30 days before the move. Payments will be made via your soldier’s salary (at the end of the month), so make sure you apply before that month’s pay run has gone in or you may find that you move before you get it. The timing could save you from having to pay for things upfront.

Keep your receipts to claim subsistence costs and remember if you stay with family and friends when moving instead of in a hotel, you can claim towards the cost. This is called Private Arrangements Rate, currently £35 a day.

Overseas considerations

If you’re moving overseas, you can ask for an advance of pay to help with the extra cost. This can be paid back over the next 12 months. Speak to your unit HR admin team for more information.

Think about whether you’re likely to be posted overseas when getting cars on personal contract purchase (PCP) or other types of finance. If so, will the finance company allow you to take your car with you? Some companies are okay with this, but not all.

Overseas Private Vehicle Provision can be claimed to help with shipping, buying out of a lease or buying and selling a new car up to £1,040, when posted. You can also drive to certain European locations.

Local Overseas Allowance can help with the extra cost of living overseas compared to the UK.

Get You Home Overseas helps with travel back to the UK once a year and Respite Provision helps towards a short break away from your duty station.

Allowances are regularly reviewed and can go up or down. To feed back your views, contact  

Over-37 question

Some of you have raised concerns with AFF about whether the Over 37 Provision is discriminatory on the grounds of age or relationship status. We put this to the chain of command and received this response from Colonel A L Green, Assistant Head Army Remuneration…

“The package was designed to support smooth transition to civilian life at the end of service, based on an assumption that many soldiers left the army aged 40. It is compliant with the MOD’s exemption from age discrimination law.

“Looking forward, in line with the Defence Accommodation Strategy and the MOD’s desire to become a more modern and inclusive employer, future policy is being developed to support all service personnel who maintain a home away from their duty station, regardless of age or relationship status.

“The policy is set to go live in the autumn – full details will be provided in advance.”

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