In the latest chapter of the Army&You and Reading Force Book Club, our forces youngsters share their views on You Won’t Believe This, written by Adam Baron and illustrated by Benji Davies…



Olivia and Alexis Bailey (11 & 9)

This is a mystery story about a hilarious boy called Cymbeline. It’s a very funny story in which he tries to work out who’s doing terrible things to his teacher, Mrs Martin, and Nanai, his best friend’s grandma. It was one of the best books we’ve ever read – we’d give it five out of five. Anyone aged nine to 16 would enjoy it.

Leona Robinson (11)

The main character Cymbeline has two mysteries to solve. Nanai (grandma) has come to England as a refugee from Vietnam. Something is puzzling her and she has stopped eating and talking. It’s nice how Cymbeline discusses Nanai and we learn about her background – a fab way to learn about new cultures. You’ll not be able to put it down.

Ciaran Donnelly (11)

The book is a really good read and never boring. Ten-year-old Cymbeline is trying to solve a few mysteries. Somebody is playing tricks on his favourite teacher and then his best friend Veronique’s grandma becomes very ill and it seems she has a secret. Cymbeline is running out of time to solve it. I really enjoyed it and recommend it!

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