SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity, launched the eRedbook for families in Cyprus in 2019 and continues to encourage all expectant parents and those with children under five to download, register and use it as their child’s primary health and development record.

Since its launch, the eRedbook has developed so that you can now record immunisations, upload photos of developmental milestones and share your record with partners and families to ensure they don’t miss a moment! It also includes information from both SSAFA and NHS England relevant to your stage of pregnancy, age of your child or a specific date to ensure you’re kept up-to-date, and there’s targeted information when you’re moving to or from an area using the eRedbook.

SSAFA has been working with the developer to create a questionnaire within the eRedbook, so you can provide key information to your community health team prior to your move overseas. This enables SSAFA to plan their support better for incoming families. It’s being trialled this summer with a regimental move from the UK to Cyprus, so watch this space for further roll-out.

eRedbook is also available in Gibraltar and Kenya.

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