The Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust has awarded a further 64 grants to projects that help postpandemic recovery in military communities.

One such scheme that’s been a massive success is Artistic Tots, led by the Northern Ireland Garrison Support Unit, which received more than £8,000 under the Force for Change programme.

Artistic Tots took place each week for service families and children inside the barracks, giving much-needed respite to those who have spent substantial amounts of time in isolation away from friends and family.

It also helped to support families who were home-schooling their children during the pandemic.

Children developed their artistic skills through a range of hands-on craft activities. The project leader says: “The undoubted success of this programme is that every child has grown, improved personally and socially, and most importantly had fun. Under this black cloud of COVID fun times have been rare; these children have benefitted massively from the funding and will continue to do so in the future.”

Every child received a certificate as recognition of their accomplishments and was given the art pack programme so they could continue their art skills at home or in small groups.

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