To celebrate the diversity that exists within the British Army Training Unit Kenya (BATUK), it was decided that Sgt ‘Dups’ Dupal would organise a cultural event to help foster a deeper community spirit and develop greater appreciation and respect for different cultures.

There are a huge number of different nationalities working together in BATUK, such as Kenyan, Ghanaian, Nepalese, Fijian, Jamaican, Grenadian, St Lucian, Scottish, Welsh and English – to name but a few.

The day’s theme was ‘Celebrate Your Culture’, which promoted multiculturalism and explored traditions and customs from around the world.

Visitors had the chance to see traditional dances from the Kenyan stand, listen to music and drumming from the Ghanaian contingent, and revel in some colourful Caribbean storytelling.

The event’s high point was a distinctive performance by the Ghanaian people telling the story of their illustrious Ashanti King, featuring the Golden Stool and the top priest who gave the order from on high.

There was the chance to sample traditional foods from other nations, which were prepared by soldiers and families.

Exhibitions on the day included artefacts, traditional attire, pictures, and other items that symbolise the different cultures.

Local retailers were invited to spread the word about their company, and quizzes, games, sports, and scavenger hunts with cultural themes kept everyone entertained throughout.

The day was a success in creating a welcoming environment where people of all backgrounds felt valued. It is hoped that this will now become a regular event in the BATUK social calendar.


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Main photo: Mrs Joedina Dupal and BATUK Commander Col Mann

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