Military child Freddie Gidalla, aged 11, has written this heart-felt poem about how he feels being away from his dad.  


What is this feeling I don’t understand?
My heart starts to beat
I can’t control my feet
I try to hide my fears
I’m drowning in my tears  

Why do I feel like this?
My dad went away
It would be better if he could stay
He calls at night, when I’m lying in my bed
The worries start to climb into my head

I wish I understood these feelings I have
Tummy pains and headaches I can’t carry on
I feel like I’m in the wrong
Screaming and shouting in my head
Then starts the feeling of dread

I’m trying to understand
Any day can be a struggle
I find myself getting in a muddle
Little Troopers and talk times with Miss West
Personally, for me both are the best

Anxiety, is this what it really is?
Monday morning, I don’t feel well
I can tell today is going to be hell
Lunchtimes with Mrs Buckley
This works out perfectly for me

Will anxiety always be with me?

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