It’s common for military families to be labelled resilient, let’s face it, we have to be so we can deal with all the challenges that life throws at us, but it doesn’t always come naturally, and you might just need a helping hand.

Charity Bounce Forward has created a parenting course – Building Resilience with Military Families – which has been designed to support you to develop the skills, knowledge and strategies drawn from the science of resilience.

The programme for parents starts with personal resilience, how to look after yourself, building self-awareness about what might be getting in the way, and helping you notice what is going well and identifying strengths.

It also provides resources that can be used at home and in the community to enable children to learn the ideas in a practical, fun way.

Fully funded by The Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust, all sessions are for one hour online from 7.30pm – the first one starts on 31 January and they run through to the summer.

Head to to register and select the dates that work best for you. If you’re unable to attend live you can watch the missed session on-demand.

Photo credit: RODNAE Productions from Pexels

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