You’ve got your posting to a far-flung location and now have to put a lot of your belongings into storage. Your items will not be insured against damp or mould, so it’s VERY important that you do all you can to prevent this occurring. Here’s Army&You’s quick guide to protecting your possessions…

Why does mould occur?

  • Mould spores are present in most houses and given the right conditions will grow and spread 
  • Spores will grow on most surfaces and need minimal moisture levels and prefer a reduced air flow
  • The change in temperature between a centrally-heated house and a storage unit can increase the storage container’s humidity, which can encourage mould 
  • Even slightly-damp items placed in storage will grow mould if the air flow is virtually eliminated.

How to prevent mould growth

  • Ensure there’s no extra food source such as crumbs in sofas
  • Ensure all belongings are totally dry/aired before packing; items fresh from the tumble drier or iron may feel dry but will have residual moisture
  • Ensure that white goods are dry before being stored – this may mean not using them for a few days. Silica gel sachets or desiccants may help
  • Pack items into plastic bags (vacuum bags are ideal) to reduce the damage should mould occur.


Make sure that you follow the removals assessor’s instructions on how to pack. For more information, contact your Agility co-ordinator or send an email to

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