Army&You and Reading Force, the national shared reading charity for Armed Forces families, have teamed up for our popular Book Club, where young readers review the latest children’s releases. For this edition, three Service youngsters have been finding out about HiLo: The Boy Who Crashed To Earth, by Judd Winick. HiLo is the story of a boy who crash-lands in suburbia and joins forces with two kids to battle the alien robots who have followed him to Earth…

Jack Watson (10)
“This is a book about a robot who tries to save the world from a monster called Razorwalk and he is helped by his friends Gina and DJ. DJ does not find things easy at home or at school but the story shows how you can do well in the end with some help from your friends. It’s bright, colourful and easy to follow – I think children of lots of different ages would enjoy it.”


Tristan Aitken (9)
“It is a really good book. I would recommend it to my friends. At the end, I got a little scared when Razorwark opened the portal. I would give this book 10/10. I loved it.”


Efan Hughes (11)
“It was an easy read, which I enjoyed. The story was good. I think I’m a little bit old for it, and it’s probably more for 8-9 year olds. The illustrations are great so it would be good for kids who don’t like reading very much.”


It’s free to take part in Reading Force, where families share a book and talk about it, together at home or over Skype or FaceTime if separated due to deployments and training.

You’ll receive a free book and scrapbook to fill with your thoughts, letters, drawings and photographs – it’s a fun way to keep communicating.

Take part via your children’s school, HIVE, or register online.

If your children would like to review books for Book Club, email with their names and ages.

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