IT IS so easy to lose sight of what is really important in life and quite often the little things are forgotten. When you become the partner of someone serving in the Army, many of us know little about the depth of the sacrifices required to keep it all together. Someway, somehow, we get through day-by-day, writes Krista.

No-one said being anyone’s partner would be an easy task, especially when they have a job that is very demanding and can leave you feeling like a single parent at times. Taking care of the children and pets, running the house, trying to have a career and keep fit, keeping up with friends, extracurricular activities for the kids… the list continues. Just thinking of it all makes my head spin.

We fall into this routine and forget about what is really important. Spending time with your family, making time for your partner and for ourselves. We are constantly exhausted and always thinking about what else we have to do today. Quality family and ‘me’ time drops further down the list.

The truth is you cannot pour from an empty cup. Each day we try to do more and more to keep it all together, when slowly we may be falling apart. I have fallen into this trap and I have decided no more! My family depends on me and I must take care of me, so I can be there for them.

So, let’s make the effort to read a little more, relax a little more, have more tea, take a long bath, have a ‘wing it’ day. Do something just for you. It may sound a bit selfish but consider it ‘filling your cup’ so that you can take on the day and enjoy the little things in life that are often forgotten.

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