Best-selling author and ex-SAS sergeant, Andy McNab, is one of the latest faces to join the 1000 Londoners project – a documentary series launched earlier this year which focusses on the people on London.

Andy is a brand new documentary directed by Nick Shaw for Chocolate Films. It’s an intimate and personal portrait of a successful soldier, author and film producer. For security reasons Andy is filmed without showing his face.

“Every time you learn something, you get a bit of power. That’s what this city’s all about” Andy McNab, Author

His short film on follows Andy as he revisits the London of his past. A Londoner through and through – at just two weeks old, he was abandoned at Guy’s Hospital and after being adopted by a family in Peckham, he spent his childhood living in South London.

Now living a life far removed from the one he was born into, Andy discusses his feelings about the city he knows and loves.

Visit for the full documentary line-up.

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