Is your family returning to the UK from Germany? Check out our top tips to ensure you have a smooth move…

1. You are entitled to 67.92 cubic meters to be moved at public expense. You are responsible for arranging and paying for additional volume to be moved. It’s expensive, so try and sort out your belongings before your survey. SFA in the UK don’t have cellars so now is a good time for a clear out!

2. A surveyor will review your house contents and ask you to sign a copy to prove you agree with their survey.

3. There’s no need to pack anything in advance – a removal team will do this for you. Take sentimental items in your own luggage or ask if you can pack them yourself.

4. You will receive a list of prohibited items such as alcohol. Read it to remind yourself what is not allowed.

5. The contractors recommend insuring your goods for removal. It’s important to consider how you would feel if anything happened and you could not afford to replace your belongings. Visit for a list of Forces-friendly insurance companies.

6. Due to the large number of families moving, shipping containers will be used as there are not enough removal trucks. Containers look identical on the inside so don’t be put off by the exterior. All items will be packed to export standards.

7. If you need to scrap household items, most garrisons provide free recycling points for electrics, cardboard and so on. Ask your welfare team where you can find yours. Do not discard items illegally as you could incur a hefty fine.

8. You will receive a guide to prepare for moving; if you require more information visit where you will find a list of frequently asked questions. For any other information, contact or call AFF Germany on 0049 (0) 1744 946 209.

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