AFF understands that moving is stressful enough, particularly when it involves returning from overseas, but it can be even more so when you require additional needs and disabled adaptations to your Service Family Accommodation (SFA). To reduce the stress, Karen Ross, AFF health & additional needs specialist, shares her tips…

  • An occupational therapist (OT) report or medical professional’s report will be required when you submit your e1132 housing application
  • If the adaptation requires moderate to high level work, an OT may assess you in your current and/or the new SFA
  • If you’re returning from overseas you may be entitled to a publicly-funded return trip to visit the SFA and meet the OT
  • Due to waiting lists, acquiring an OT can take time. It’s best to contact the local authority (LA) as soon as you can to request an assessment. Visit to find your nearest
  • Don’t book your removals or a move-out date until you have a confirmed date for move-in. The process can take some time and unforeseen problems may occur
  • If you require a move before the confirmed move-in date, seek advice from your unit welfare officer or chain of command
  • Your soldier can look up more details in JSP 464. There’s also further guidance at – search under Service Family Accommodation.

I will continue to work on and monitor the adaptations process along with Cat Calder, AFF’s housing specialist. We would welcome hearing about your experiences so that we can feed any issues directly back to Amey and DIO. If you are due to or have recently requested adaptations, contact me at

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