Many of you live around training areas and are well drilled in the dangers they can pose, but if you’ve got family visiting this Easter, it might be worth reminding them to take extra care when out and about.  

Ahead of Easter, the MOD is urging visitors to be careful and check military firing times to keep themselves and others safe on MOD land that’s open to the public. Risks could include live firing, unexploded ordnance and fast-moving military vehicles.  

Rugby ace Mike Tindall experienced a day in the life of the armed forces as part of a MOD safety initiative to help keep the public safe.  

A recently released video features the former rugby union star exploring a military training area in a Warrior vehicle, experiencing first-hand the challenges that come with the territory.

Mike said: “Like most, I love the great outdoors and will be making the most of the beautiful British countryside this Easter. It was a real eye-opener to see first-hand how quickly military land can change from calm to combat, suddenly posing huge safety risks to anyone passing through.

“It’s vital that everyone visiting these sites knows how and when to access military land safely. I know now that it involves much more than simply closing a gate behind us.”  

Visitors should:  

  • always check training and live firing times before they travel;
  • stick to public access paths;
  • observe safety information including red flags, fences, signs and by-laws.

  For more information on how to access MOD land safely, visit:

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