NHS England is calling on patients, the public and staff to join in a discussion about the future of the NHS; be sure to take this chance to share your experiences as an Army family.


Call to Action sets out the facts about future demands on NHS services, how the budget is currently spent and how services are delivered, in order to plan for now and the years ahead.

The NHS treats around one million people every 36 hours; however, the current model of care will lead to a funding gap of around thirty billion pounds between 2013/14 and 2020/21.

Now, NHS England needs your help and feedback to be able to deal with the challenges ahead; this does not mean cutting core NHS services, or charging for them.

As an Army family, have you suffered inconsistency of treatment due to a posting, or struggled to gain access to the care you need in a new area? This is your opportunity to share your experiences and have your say about the future of the NHS.

Email England.midlandsarmedforces@nhs.net with your ideas on services in your area could be improved.

More information about Call to Action can be found at www.england.nhs.uk

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