In this edition’s Army&You and Reading Force Book Club, our forces youngsters share their views on Brendan Kearney’s Fish: A tale about ridding the ocean of  plastic pollution…


Florence really enjoyed this book. The illustrations were clear which helped her to understand the story as we went through it. She loved pointing at the pictures and describing what was happening. She understood the impact and importance of recycling and disposing of rubbish relevant to her age. She enjoyed the book but said it made her feel sad as the rubbish is harming all the fish.


This book made me laugh a lot. I love the pictures and the story is about a fish. This is my new favourite story book.


Mia-Lily really loved the book. It was a great insight as to how bad the pollution in the world and sea actually is. It was very good at reminding us all to recycle wherever we can and what damage it can cause to plants and animals if we don’t. The book’s pictures are great, and Mia-Lily was really focused and drawn into the story. Fish was a great read and has become one of her favourites.

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