As the latest academic year draws to a close, pupils – and staff – share their secrets on successfully settling in their new surroundings. Here, Adcote School students Marta (year 12) and Zeynep (year 11)  tell us how they have been getting on.

How have you found your first year at the school?
Really fun, I’ve met a lot of very nice people, tried new activities and learnt a lot of good thing.

Zeynep: First months was quite hard because I tried to get used to the new environment and lifestyle. Then thanks to my friends, family and teachers I am really comfortable here.

What have you enjoyed the most?
Everything really, though I guess it is the balance that school life provides and the variety of activities and the new purpose-built science labs.

Zeynep: Activities during the school and outside the school. I also love the teachers here. They are like my friends and family.

What new skills or hobbies have you picked up?
 I have learnt how to fence, play netball and other sports. I became more amerced in the subject’s I am studying so I became more passionate about the sciences.

Zeynep: I am learning tennis, badminton, netball and rugby all sports that I didn’t play before. Furthermore, I have started to learn the piano.

What did you find was the biggest challenge?
Marta: Interestingly I think it was the diet change, but also the way the subjects are taught as it’s completely different to what I was used to (but it’s better).

Zeynep: Being away from my country, family and friends. Going to a country that has a completely different culture.

What advice would you give to someone starting at the school in the next academic year?
Marta: Stay open minded and enjoy every moment, take the opportunity to broaden your horizons and try new things.

Zeynep: Just hold and wait for the home sickness to pass so you can get used to the school and being away from home.  

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