LIKE their counterparts in England, Service children and kids of entitled MOD civilians in schools overseas in reception, year one and year two or their national equivalent are entitled to a free school lunch.

In some locations, schools will provide the meal but in others this may not be possible due to local conditions or restrictions. You can claim a refund if:

  • A meal is provided by the school and the costs are borne by the parent
  • A meal cannot be provided by the school, and the cost of providing a meal for the child is borne by the parent
  • Where the school provides a meal but does not cater for the child’s specific dietary needs such as vegetarian, halal or kosher.

Refund rates are calculated using the UK Daily Food Charge (DFC) rate which is converted into local currency using the Forces Fixed Rate /Garrison Accounting Rate for the relevant country.

How do I claim?

You’ll need to seek authorisation from DCYP’s Children’s Education Advisory Service (CEAS) prior to making a claim using DCYP Form 0016. Once authorisation has been received, DCYP Form 005 can be submitted for payment to the relevant administration department.

When claiming a refund for packed lunches, rates are calculated using the UK DFC rate which currently works out at £2.40 per infant meal.

For more information, talk to your school, email CEAS at or, if you experience any problems, email AFF Education Specialist Jilly Carrell at

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