Army&You giveaway winners

Summer 2018 (Issue 111)

Anglo Welsh Waterways holiday: Kaz Batty

Battle Proms tickets: Lieske Wade, Jayne Hawkes, Laura Barnaby

Jewellery Moves: Bianca Crichard

Komar photomurals: Kelly Reid, Vicki Fuery, Heidi Owen

Queen of Birthdays certificates: Zoe Wheddon, Brett Evans, Chris Hudson, Sukraj Limbu, Sally Heatlie, Ian Hough, Ian Morcom, Kamini Laws, Joan Forrest, Fotini Langley

Lumie bedbug: Anna Hale, Samantha Dunn

Surf Snowdonia: Verity Johnston

Rockit: Michelle Birchnall, Angela Holliday

Online giveaways

The First World War in 100 Objects: Luke Strickland, Amy Adams, Michelle Beecham

Op Janus book: Sharon Cutter

Spring 2018 (Issue 110)

Army v Navy rugby tickets: Tina Knott, Harriet Burrell-Knipe, Lee Norman, Nina Mathars

Women Warriors book: Helen Johnson, Finola Kilgallen-Swain, Charlotte Henderson

RIAT tickets: Lisa Rogerson

Rock & Bowl festival tickets: Anthony Garrett

Buyagift Afternoon Tea: Hannah Fortey

Eastbourne hotel break: Megan Allotey

Military Covers phone case: Rachel Woolley, Dave Fisher

Winter 2017 (Issue 109)

Coed-Y-Mystyr Hotel break: Beci Greenwood

Basha Bedding duvet set: Justine Kill, Hannah Illingworth, Nicola Cunningham

iFly family flight experience: Royston Dove

Sitpack: Sharon Auton, Richard Hawkins

Perfect Pillowcases: Philippa Roe, Simona Daye

I’m Going to Nursery book: Lizzie Rogers, Abigail Jones, Alison Mccourt, Amy Bradley-Jones, Amanda Francis

The Labrador Company Canine Clocks: Rachel Stephens, David Kane, Heidi Owen

Autumn 2017 (Issue 108)

Forest Holidays £250 voucher: Sarah Trebble

The Night Raid book: Julie Yapp, Julie Pugh, Abi Discombe

Ohh Deer £50 voucher – Lynn Clunie; £25 voucher: Katie Taylor, Danielle Derrick

Lorna Stanard Art personalised pet portrait: Nicola Green

British Babies pyjamas: Maggie Kirkpatrick

Cotton n Paper personalised paper cut: Amanda Blain, Emma Dennis

Handmade by Emma Nightingale £25 voucher: Karleen Griffiths

Make Your Own Farm book: Leila Griffiths-Law, Maria Lilino, Lizzie Rogers

Summer 2017 (Issue 107)

Overnight stay at Tylney Hall: Andrea Hurman

Jurassic Kingdom: Melanie Rose

Created for keeps: Sarah Robinson

Sundome: Peter Le Feuvre

Wings & Wheels: Gemma Derbyshire, Liz Harrison; Runners up: Catriona Sempala-Ntege, Nicola McCombe

Home Front poetry book: Laura Clark, Emma Gibson, Julie Redfern

National Memorial Arboretum: Claire O’Reilly, Debra Smith

Camper calling: Rachael Fenwick

West Midlands Safari Pass: Jessica Hotchin, Suzette Leach, Diane Floy

Spring 2017 (Issue 106)

Wraps headphones: Jane Marriott, Rebecca Perrin, Julie Palmer

Eastbourne two-night stay: Aimee Woodward

Legoland tickets: Mary Gulliver

Footguard soldier cushions: Nicola Kilcoyne-Seru , Thomas Boycott

Huxter clothing: Kathryn Jeffcoat, Kirstin Westover, Stephen Greenwood

Action Man soldier: Cecily Robertson, Emma Gibson, Heidi Owen

Army and Navy tickets: Karina Svenson, Clare Keating, Annie Keogh, Josefa Ratabua

Winter 2016 (Issue 105)

Classic Lodges break: Nicola McCombe

Supercar drive with Experience Megastore: Royston Dove

Medal Pouch: Tamsin Fleming, Allan Reid, Carly Greener

Cinema Tickets: Kyleigh Davies, Nicola Yuill, Wendy Whatmough

The Survival Handbook: Philippa Mack, Anne Crawford, Amanda Blain, Jo Gordon, Emma Coakley, Vicky Milne

At War with Yourself book: Teri Reilly, Ryan Townsend, Helen Malpass

Mr&Mrs game: Keri Fitzgerald, James Anderson, Eleri Thomas

X-Doria Defense Lux phone case: Suzette Leach, Charlotte Fowler, Sandy Hughes

Army Wives book: Caroline Fox, Julie Woodruff, Nicola Green

Autumn 2016 (Issue 104)

Headland Hotel and Spa: Heather Hallam

NutriTab: Clare Duckworth

Build with BRIO winner: Philip Robertson. Runners up: Lisa Helks, Debra Smith, Kasia Jones, Rachel Stephens

Eggs or Anarchy: Margaret Kitching, Carly Greener, Chloe Pepper, Stephen Greenwood, Samantha Bourne

Medal box: Andrew Mealing

SpongeBob plush toy: Edward Hingley, Rebecca Irons, Anna Brown

Summer 2016 (Issue 103)

Wings & Wheels camping and weekend pass: Ryan Townsend. Runners-up day passes: Georgina Scriven, Helen Murray

Eureka! passes: Paul Duffin, Nicola Cunningham, Peter Grimston

A Soldier’s Tale book: Claire O’Reilly, Clare Higgins

Compton Verney passes: Manu Rana, Nia Davies

Knitskrieg book: Rebecca Irons, Heidi Owen, Amanda Francis

Anglo Welsh narrowboat holiday: Donna Longhurst

Military Covers phone case: James Littlewood, Angela Collier, Sarah Brown

Scruffs Noodle Dry dog mat: Sarah Wands, Rebecca Chappell-King, Jacqueline Langman

Spring 2016 (Issue 102)

South Lodge Hotel: Laura Lewes

Drayton Manor Theme Park: Natasha Shewan, Andrea Blundell

Army v Navy tickets: Chloe Edwards, Catherine Large, Edward Whishaw, Vicki Fuery

Gunner Girl book: Anthea Liddington, Jemma Pattison, Sushmita Thapa

MiFold booster seat: Peter Stanley

iBeani: Sally Shanks, Emma Whopples

Mummy’s Home book: Bianca Barnett

Daddy’s Going Away book: Kelly Calverley

Make Your Own Zoo book: Suzette Leach, Rebecca Irons, Jayne Hawkes, Gill Heesom, Nicola Pitt

Winter 2015 (Issue 101)

Art of Remembrance: Louise McCleery

Rest and Relax at a Rural Retreat: Caroline Rawlins

Win on the Waves: Claire O’Reilly

Personal Touch: Angela Rickersey

Touching Tale on Tour: Michelle Harris

Bonnie and British: Heidi Owen, Layla Thomas

Bags of Beauty: Mereoni Navuso

Under Starter’s Orders: Gemma Adams, Angela Holiday, Louise Watts

Autumn 2015 (Issue 100)

Family sailing trip: Gemma Derbyshire

Bugs in the Kitchen game: Isobel Hickman, Jane Marriott, Emma Hayton, Gayle Wood, Heidi Owen, Claire O’Reilly

JoJo Maman Bebe voucher: Sylvianne Leach-Thomas

Heat Holders goodies: Spencer Le Grande, Sally Scarborough, Sarah Pearce, Jayne Hawkes

Le Mu dress: Laura Lawes

Off-road adventure: Jacqui James, Isobel Foster, Lucy Evans

Genie Gadgets scratch map: Carole Barry, Amanda Blain, Samantha Jack

Rubbish free lunch box: April Maddison-Clow

Huggable Hero: Jordan Rudd

Summer 2015 (Issue 99)

Britain’s greatest generation: Clare Pryce

Great British Teddy Bear Company: Kate Southern-Naylor, Peta Hones, Kelly Calverley

Sand Dollar Swim: Carly van Staden

Slumbersac: Lizzie Grounds, Jade Wigham, Melanie Britton

Men’s watch by Krug Baumen: Jessica Ulliott, Stephen King

Ladies’ gold bracelet charm watch by Accessorize: Diane Hughes, Tamsin Fleming

Ladies’ Monsoon stone set gold chronograph watch: Melanie Rose, Jules Browne

Bletchley Park family pass: Amy Fidler

Wings and Wheels

Winner: Two-day pass & camping: Vicki Whiting

Runner-up (one-day family pass): Helena Grant

Runner-up (one-day family pass): Stephen Wilson

Older issues
Ragdale Hall: Daniella Hastings S2LDS Course: Sally Ehlen, Jenny Paige, Julia Cotton

Shortfield Family Holiday: Tany Langley

IWM North Airshard: Louise Watts, Nicola Porrill, Brandon McLaughlin, Lynn Clunie, Joanne Davies

Acantha Pendant: Emma Whopples

MOB Rule: Vicky Wharton, Emily Fraser, Lucie Sayer, Kyleigh Hill, Harriet Burrell-Knipe, Anita Luke

Russell Watson Tickets: Helen Murray, Trudy Houston (Event Cancelled)

Theatre Tokens: Tarnya Difford I Promise: Kamini Laws, Aaron Davies, Jayne Hawkes, Rachel Mansel, Marina Andrews, Eileen Teeton, Vikki Breen, Catherine Graham, Allan Reid, Kelly Cowell, Joan Forrest, Donna Bolton, Alex Radcliffe, Geri Crooke, Amy Waters, Maryke Smith, Helen Webster, Nasreen Ackers, Emma Gibson, Lieske Wade, Tracey Clough, Emma Passant, Margaret Kitching, Mel Craddock, Charlie Wilkins, Amy Bradley-Jones, Dominic Bealey, Sheryl Kerney, Rachel Morey, Carly Greener, Bianca Longden, Justine Kill, Natasha Shrwan, Sarah Leiths, Samatha Laird, Amy Scullion. Claire Hodges, Kim Waters, Maria Codd, Nicola Yuill, Olivia Taylor-Fry, Srijana Gurung, Verity Berrow.

RIAT Royal International Air Tattoo: Rachel Price, Karen Crouch

Luxury Break at Bluestone: Tanya Cameron Fluent in 3 Months: Elaine Charles, Kirsty Hall, James Holyland

Eden Project: Sarah Knott

English Heritage Yorkshire: Diane Parrinder

Eureka Annual Pass: Kirsty Bush, John Chapman, Suzanne Jackson, Gill Heesom, Nicola Yuill

Peppa Pig’s Big Splash: Solange Thomas, Michael McDonald

Grizzly Bear Dog Bed: Amanda Egglestone

Skibz bib: Bernadette Pummell, Elaine Charles Charlie and the Dragon: Brigette Nulty, Kate Hester, Sarah Hodgetts, Catherine Large, Laura Marsh

Snackorium: Tom Baines, Sian Clarke, Rebecca McFayden, Kyleigh Hill, Maxine Bevan

Legoland Family Ticket: Julie Foley

WW1 Poppy Paperweight: Debbie Bainbridge

Photography Course: Samantha Moore For Exemplary Bravery: Amy Hutton, Amy Scullion

Stronger Together Bracelet: SSgt Handa, Sally Ehlen

Skribbies: Julie Tyler

Crawlerz: Amanda Francis, Maxine Bevan, Catherine Kingston

Giraffe restaurant vouchers: Nicole Domine-Robinson, Srijana Gurung

Tickets to 3 Wine Men: Marina Andrews

For the Fallen: Deborah Redhead