ONE hundred years on from the start of the First World War, the sacrifices made by so many still hang heavy in the air, especially for those in the military.

Across the country, people are paying their respects to the fallen in many ways and now the Woodland Trust is calling you into action to help plant millions of native trees across the UK.

The Trust’s First World War Centenary Woods project – one of the most ambitious in the charity’s history – will see the creation of four flagship woods, many smaller community woods and millions of trees planted across the UK to honour all those involved in the First World War. The project will connect people to the natural world and remind them of the War’s historical significance.

People across the UK will be taking part, with more than three million free trees planted by cadets, schools, community groups and youth groups, as well as landowners and communities, across the four years.

But it’s about more than just remembering those involved in the war; it’s about creating a brighter future today. The UK is one of the least wooded countries in Europe with only 13 per cent woodland cover compared to the average of 37 per cent.

These symbolic trees and woods will transform the landscape into rich, vibrant and flourishing woodland and will stand proud as a lasting legacy for those who fought, lost their lives, and their loved ones.

The First World War Centenary Woods project is supported by the Trust’s lead partner Sainsbury’s.

To find out more about the Woodland Trust, or how to get involved please go to the Woodland Trust website at

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