IN A recent AFF overseas survey, we were pleased to see a rise in satisfaction levels relating to healthcare provision overseas compared to 2015 figures.

The exception was a drop to just five per cent satisfaction for orthodontic treatment and enduring confusion over medical and dental entitlement for children at boarding school in the UK.

The majority of you reported that your healthcare experience overseas was better compared to the UK:

  • 76 per cent were satisfied with primary healthcare overseas
  • 73 per cent were satisfied with secondary healthcare overseas
  • 66 per cent were satisfied with dental care overseas.

However, opinions varied on clinical standards, administrative procedures, patient expectations and the quality of care during referrals. One family said: “Waiting times and range of care in the USA is amazing, but the administration is a total nightmare and can take over a year to process. You have to get pre-approval for everything which is a bit intrusive for some aspects.”

Another added: “I was receiving treatment in BFG and then had to wait nine months after moving to the UK to see a consultant again, having no treatment during this time. There was no transition from the German to UK system.”

AFF will continue to press for changes where needs have been identified, check for updates.

If you face a healthcare issue while living overseas, contact your local AFF co-ordinator or our Health & Additional Needs Specialist, Karen Ross, by emailing

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