Army wife AJ Sharp, an associate member of the Guild of Fine Food and Great Taste Awards judge, recommends products and trends to get you through the winter months…

NOW is the time to dust off the car-scraper and find the bobble hats as winter has arrived – in the UK at least. But how can you eat well at this time of year?

Eating protein at every meal can support a healthy immune system, but you have to eat the right protein.

Red meat is ok as an occasional treat, but try to swap in healthier proteins like eggs, yogurt, beans, nuts and fish. Use the size of your palm to judge the right quantity.

Super substitutes

Who manages to eat five-a-day every day? It’s not easy when most of us feel more like eating chips than salad.

Try introducing some sweet potatoes once in a while; cut them into wedges and roast in a little oil and seasoning. They are a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals and taste (nearly) as good as chips.

If you can’t find the time, visit Aldi where you’ll find a packet of sweet potato fries prepared for you in the frozen food aisle.

The freezer is a great place to shop for a whole array of fruits for making smoothies and crumbles and keeping that five-a-day tally up.

Many people think frozen fruit and vegetables are not as good as fresh, but it’s not true.

Not only is frozen cost-effective, but it can be equally as nutritious, especially in winter when some produce will have travelled a long way before it reaches supermarket shelves.

Junk rules

As ever, keep drinking as much water as possible and steer clear of junk food.

A good – but gross – rule of thumb is that if it doesn’t start to grow mould after a week or two in the open air, you really shouldn’t eat it.

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