PERSONAL, touching pieces of family history are being brought to life in Battle Lines, a trilogy of plays exploring how war has shaped the lives of people living in Hampshire.

It’s been created by Forest Forge Theatre Company, who have worked with local museums, schools and Military Wives Choirs to research facts and develop the script. The show is uniquely touring to non- theatre spaces such as village halls and arts centres.

The writer, David Haworth, has met more than 300 people during his research. He said: “I have uncovered deeply personal and unique accounts of how warfare has affected the lives of ordinary people over the past one hundred years.

“Everywhere I’ve looked I have found stories of bravery and honour, and of stoicism in the face of challenge.”

The three plays are each unique in their focus and every venue on the tour has selected a combination of shows to suit their audience.

In Our Name

Jenny has just moved to a new ‘patch’ in Hampshire, her husband is on a six month deployment. Looking for support and a new best friend she joins the local Military Wives Choir. Honest, hilarious and heart-rending In Our Name takes a refreshing look at modern military life.


The Call Up

Having watched the trained soldiers of the British Expeditionary Force march through their village the local men, like George, leave Hampshire and all they hold dear behind to play their part in the war to end all wars. Will he return to the woman he loves and the garden he’s made his life’s work? Full of historical gems from the local area this is a story of resilience, courage and resourcefulness.


Keep Smiling Through

Mary, Jean and Stan experience the second world war as evacuees, deep in the heart of rural Hampshire. Fearing for their safety, their families have sent them away under the guise of a school trip. Follow them as they experience the highs and lows of being an evacuee, from the homesickness and escape attempts to the things to do with unused ammunition!


David adds: “These plays strike at the emotional core of stories that have shaped and continue to shape our history; epic tales that are made up of thousands of smaller stories of bravery and fear, hardship and humour.”

Battle Lines tours until 17 April 2014. Dates and venues can be found at

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