#TunefulTuesday: Little Boots
An album best left to lovers of electropop.
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Little Boots, Working Girl

After making something of a resurgence a couple of years ago, the electropop genre has faded from the public consciousness – and on the evidence of this offering from Little Boots (Victoria Hesketh), that might not be a bad thing.

Little Boots’ distinctive vocals thread their way through a synth-heavy album which gets off to a truly forgettable start. Working Girl, No Pressure and Get Things Done merge into one without ever grabbing your attention, despite the best efforts of the latter track’s thumping beat.

Things progress along the same lines, before Help Too provides a welcome – and classy – lo-fi break from the monotony. By the time the last (and arguably stand-out) track Better in the Morning rolls around, it’s hard to differentiate between anything that has come through the speakers during the previous 45 minutes.

All of that being said, fans of electropop – and those with fond memories of the late 1980s – will be in their element. For those looking for a bit more substance behind the style, this is perhaps one to give a miss.

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