We’re big fans of Instagrammer Mrs Hinch’s tips on how to make your home sparkle. We recently discovered that there are also many military spouses out there blogging about their best cleaning hacks, so we asked a few of them for some handy household hints…

Elina (@militaryhouse2homex), 23, lives with husband Dan and dog Bella, in Aldershot after returning from Cyprus.

“Dan spent most of his childhood living in SFA, but to me it was all brand new. I didn’t know what to expect, but we’re in a beautiful area surrounded by lovely people. I’ve always had a cleaning obsession – it relaxes me and makes me very happy.”

Cleaning crusty carpets

We had a party for my husband’s birthday and the next day our carpet was covered in all sorts. It’s one of those standard, light beige carpets that you get in quarters and I couldn’t help but panic. We tried everything until we came across Vanish carpet foam. All we had to do was let it work its magic for an hour and then hoover it up! 

Getting rid of pesky limescale

I swear by Elbow Grease and use it pretty much for everything. Our front door when we moved in was covered in marks that I couldn’t get out with other sprays, but Elbow Grease did wonders. 

Keep it fresh

To make the house smell amazing I use Zoflora. I always go for fresh linen scent, but recently I discovered tropical twist and it smells insane. I normally use two caps in a spray bottle topped up with water. 

Super hack

Asda car window cleaner for our glass dining table. I used to struggle to get it smear free, but one day after cleaning my car windows I thought why not try it on the table and I was amazed. Now it’s my must have for windows, glass and mirrors.

Sammie (@armyquarterlifeatno22), 27, has been married to her soldier for seven years and lives in Catterick. They have a five-year-old son and two dogs.

“Cleaning helps me relax and take my mind off things that I would normally stress about. I blog to show others quick and easy tips on how to keep on top of your home when you’re a working mum. It can be hard to juggle tea, bath and bedtime after a full day’s work.”

Making your oven sparkly

The oven in this quarter was awful when we moved in. To get it to a point where I could use it, I had to give it a deep clean. For this I used Astonish oven and cookware paste with hot water and a Scrub Daddy. After about 15 minutes the oven looked nearly new. 

Tackling mouldy bathrooms

Mould is unavoidable in some homes due to a lack of ventilation. I use Astonish mould and mildew spray on my bathroom tiles once a week. I leave it to soak for ten minutes and then use an old toothbrush to scrub in between the tiles. 

Polish up 

I use my Shark Lift Away True Pet vacuum cleaner for all surfaces, so that it removes any dog hairs and large dust build-ups. It prevents the cloth and polish spreading the dust around. 

Super hack

To remove grease from kitchen grout, use Pink Stuff spray and an old toothbrush. This eats away at the grease and stops the grout from going yellowy. I do this at least once a month. 

Sarah (@sinclairhousehold) and her soldier are in their first quarter in Aldershot, they’ve been married for two years.

“I love cleaning, blogging and also volunteering. If I can help someone else make their life a little easier when all seems a little too much then I’ve achieved what I set out to do.”

Forget filthy floors 

Vanish or Doctor Beckmann carpet cleaner pull up stains really well. If you don’t have a product like that to hand, washing up liquid and warm water will work but make sure they’re mixed together well. A nail brush or floor scrubber normally does the trick. 

Cook up some shine

Always wipe your cooker after every use to avoid build-up. If things get a little out of hand – which they do because we’re all human – either a Scrub Daddy or Minky with Astonish oven cookware cleaner leaves a lovely clean oven.

Smear free windows

This might sound strange, but I love using ironing water and a glass cloth. It leaves a lovely smell and is smear free. Just add the iron water to an empty spray bottle and off you go. 

Dust busting

Damp dusting is a great, cheap way to dust. No need for special polish but invest in some decent cloths as it will make the job a lot easier. I always start by hoovering around the edges. 

Super hack

Focus on one room a day and rotate around. By the weekend, you won’t have much to do and it won’t feel like a ridiculous mountain that never ends.

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