Sarah Davies on how to thrive now term time is here…

sdavaut16YOU’VE spent much of summer wishing the kids weren’t under your feet and now they’re back at school you’re suddenly feeling a lost, nostalgic and deflated version of your holiday self. You can’t win!

But a new term is also a new chapter and this is a chance for you to now focus on yourself, to start using your time in a way that is not only fulfilling and rewarding but energising and challenging.

New experiences and new activities enable us to meet new people, make friends and boost our confidence levels and I guarantee there’s always something that we can take away from every new thing that we do.

With a little courage, it is amazing what we can achieve. Why not follow the suggestions below and see the new term for your kids as an opportunity for you?

Start something new
Write a blog, start a business, try a new workout, apply for a new job, learn a new skill.

Commit to something that you enjoy
Whether this is a hobby, an interest, a passion or a project at work. Commit to doing it regularly and doing more of it.

Release a habit
Let go of something that you have been meaning to for a while, give something up, do something differently; take a different route.

A new term, a new season, a new opportunity, a new you.

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