The voices of service children in Scotland are highlighted in the first manifesto of an armed forces children’s charity.

The Royal Caledonian Education Trust (RCET) manifesto has been launched ahead of the Scottish Parliamentary elections in May and calls for urgent action to support the many unique challenges faced by children from armed forces families.

The manifesto has been shaped by the voices of service children from across Scotland, who call for greater involvement in decision-making processes about matters which affect them and specific support to address their unique challenges to education and learning, as well as mental health and wellbeing.

Scottish Parliamentary candidates can learn more by listening to a series of audio clips embedded within the manifesto.

Tiana, a member of the charity’s Youth Participation Project Forum, who contributed her voice, says: “It’s good to see the issues that young people from forces families have raised and discussed in this manifesto. It makes it seem more realistic that our views will be acted upon by the new Scottish Parliament, who can do so much more to support armed forces young people facing unique challenges across Scotland.”

Laura Falconer, CEO of RCET, says: “Royal Caledonian Education Trust has set out in this manifesto the specific changes we believe are necessary to ensure that Scotland’s armed forces children are enabled to reach their full potential. For too long, armed forces children have been a hidden group whose needs have not been fully recognised or met. Our children and young people can’t wait – their childhood is now.”

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