THE AFF Excellence for Forces Children Service Premium Award will be running again in 2014! AFF has been in contact with lots of you and the examples of best practice featured in Army&You have proved very useful for families and schools in England.

Nominations please 

We are asking schools to nominate themselves accompanied by positive statements from Army families. High numbers of supporting comments will be reflected in the score for your school during the judging process. We need your help!

1. Go into your school and bring this award to their attention

2. Look on your school’s website to see how they have been spending their money

3. Encourage them to enter with a chance to win the Sodexo Cookery Experience for pupils.

Nominations open in April and should be submitted online at by the end of May. The winner will be announced in June. Look out for an article in Army&You later in the year featuring best bits from all the entries.

Grin and bear it

Sgt Camopatch (pictured above) from Weeton Primary School in Lancashire was nominated in last year’s award. Funded using the Service Premium, he has been to Afghanistan with the troops and regularly sends letters and photos back to the children. We’re sure that Sgt Camopatch has lots more friends out there who would like to appear in Army&You!

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