We probably didn’t realise how much we relied on the internet until we found ourselves in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. Whether it’s social media, banking, home schooling, catching up with the news or downloading our entertainment, the internet is a fantastic resource that’s very much part of our everyday lives.

But you’re also undoubtedly aware of some of the negative aspects of being online, such as fraud, inappropriate content and even abuse. Anybody can be affected.

Army counter-intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance branch, says: “The internet isn’t policed, so it’s everybody’s responsibility to protect ourselves, our loved ones and our bank accounts from harm. For personnel and families, there are some additional risks that could affect the army and even our national security.

“The army has partnered with Get Safe Online to bring your family the tools you need to help you stay safe.

“You’ll have access to the most comprehensive information and advice around, explained in a way that’s easy to follow and practical to put into practice, without hindering your online experience. “Also, every month, there’ll be a focus on a chosen topic, from safe and responsible social media to Christmas shopping, phishing and fitness trackers.

“There’ll also be events organised in conjunction with your welfare centre where you can ask questions and get advice from Get Safe Online experts. We will soon be launching a specific army site, but in the meantime, visit getsafeonline.org if you need advice.”

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