MENTION the brand Deep Heat and for many people it conjures up pungent memories of changing rooms and sports pitches.

Whether deployed as a spray or a cream, the product’s powerful aroma may have divided opinion, but its ability to soothe aches and pains caused by sport, injury or medical conditions is undoubted.

The good news for anyone previously put off by Deep Heat’s unique scent is that the brand has branched out into other offerings including cold sprays, Ibuprofen-containing gels and even a bath soak. We sent Army&You reader Sandra Pearson some of the range to take a closer look – and smell…

Muscle Rescue Bath Soak

Packaged in a pleasing pastel-coloured bottle, the bath soak is by far the friendliest of Deep Heat’s products for those with a sensitive nose.

Containing electrolyte minerals and essential oils of rosemary and orange, the soak is a natural blend of ingredients which creates a relaxing atmosphere when added to a warm bath. The scent is exceptionally sweet without seeming artificial and I certainly felt relaxed after a long soak!

Deep Heat Max Strength

This is the original product that smells every bit as strong as I remembered. I am currently training for a half-marathon and often have a sore back and calves after long runs, so I used this to try and get me back into shape more quickly.

The scent is too strong for my liking and tends to linger for a long time, but I personally think it is a price worth paying as the relief the cream provides is almost instantaneous.

Deep Freeze Cold Spray

The heat therapy worked wonders in soothing my aches and pains so it was time to put Deep Heat’s Cold Spray to the test. I had never used it before, but the bottle claimed that sports physios and health professionals recommend cooling therapy and that is good enough for me!

The spray still packs a fairly strong kick of menthol, but it is not as impactful as its hot cousin. The cold burst it delivers caught me by surprise during the first use, but once I was prepared I found it really effective. Having a spray instead of a cream makes applying it to the back much easier and made it better to judge how much to use.

I was also supplied with a cold gel, which had the same impact, although it again lingered on the skin for quite a long time. Probably not one to use if you’ve got to go out anytime soon after applying it!

Visit the Mentholatum website to find out more about the Deep Heat and Deep Freeze ranges, which also include hot and cold patches. Always read the instructions before use.

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