290 pupils at Chetwynd Road Primary School are hoping to be named as world record breakers after taking part in a three-legged race at Chetwynd Barracks, Chilwell.

The whole school took part in the world record attempt that was organised by the military charity Walking With The Wounded. The attempt saw school children from across the country take part in the race at the same time in an attempt to break the current record of 1,860 people (930 pairs).

A quarter of the children at the school are from Army families. Headteacher Lorraine Tonks said: “The children have been absolutely fantastic. They couldn’t wait to take part and you could see by the smiles on their faces how much they enjoyed it.”

The children took part in the race on the sports field at Chetwynd Barracks, Chilwell. Lorraine added: “The pupils were excited all morning, especially those children who were visiting the barracks for the first time and everyone was involved: parents, pupils and teachers.”

The children had spent time in the classroom learning about Prince Harry’s work with the charity as well as testing materials to find out which were the best to use for tying the runners together.

Lois Burton (11) took part in the race with her best friend Alisha Hutchinson. She said: “We tested lots of different materials like scarves and belts, but we used tights because they are stretchy and soft and don’t hurt your ankles.”

Ethan Shaw (9) and his best friend Jake Hyde (9) said they had spent their lunch times practising for the race. “It’s been great fun,” said Ethan. “There has been a real buzz at school.”

For more information, visit the Walking With The Wounded website.

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