So, you’ve made the decision to move to your own home but how does this affect your allowances? Here are some of your most commonly asked questions…

Do I get removals and Disturbance Expense (DE)?

Generally, if you’re not moving on posting it would be considered a mid-tour move, so no, you don’t. If your move is timed with an assignment order, however, you may be eligible, but bear in mind that if your new home is a further distance away than the new duty station, you might have to make a contribution.

How does the army Over 37 Provision work?

If your soldier is 37 or over and you’re considering settling the rest of the family into your own home, the army Over 37 Provision can help. The allowance supports those who serve unaccompanied later in their careers, by helping with the cost of settling the family. It also means the extra costs for your soldier’s Single Living Accommodation (SLA) are waived. We’re pleased that recent changes mean the waiver may now be used for those of you who decide to settle the family overseas.

What about final moves?

Your soldier can request that their final posting is located within 50 miles of the area your family wishes to settle in at the end of their service – this is known as the Final Tour of Duty (FTOD). If you’ve applied for FTOD and you can’t be assigned within 50 miles or 90 minutes’ travel time of the area you requested, you may be eligible for final removals and DE.

Criteria are strict for FTOD applications. Your soldier must be due to complete their service and receive an immediate pension, and the form must be submitted to the career manager during your soldier’s second-to-last assignment. Full details can be found in JSP 752.

What other allowances might I be eligible for?

If you sell one home that you live in that’s within 50 miles of your soldier’s current duty station and buy another house to live in within 50 miles of the new duty station, you may be eligible for a Refund of Legal Expenses.

If you need more information or want to check if you’re eligible for an allowance, speak to your unit HR or look at

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