For some army spouses and partners, setting up a business can be the solution to overcoming employment barriers, and having a rewarding career that works around a military lifestyle. We talked to three partners about the journey to becoming an entrepreneur…

BECCA MEADOWS (main photo)
Becca Meadows Nutrition –

MILITARY CONNECTION: Army veteran and married to a soldier.

WHY START A BUSINESS? I needed my new career outside of the army to give me creative freedom and to define success on my terms. My passion for supporting women through key life stages using nutrition and lifestyle medicine also fuelled me to go it alone. I had a clear vision of what was lacking within the health, wellness and leadership space and what I could offer.

BIGGEST CHALLENGE? Knowing how to dress as a non-army female business owner as I had 14 years of combats, suits or PT kit!

BEST THING ABOUT RUNNING A BUSINESS? I absolutely love creating a network of other strong, capable female business owners all focused on supporting women to thrive.

TOP TIPS: No one is laughing at you. A lot of women I speak to are scared of what others will think. Instead think how you will feel in 10 years if you never gave it a go. For me, getting professional branding and photography allowed me to finally see myself as the businesswoman I wanted to be.  

Let Lucy Sort It –


MILITARY CONNECTION: Married to a veteran.

WHY START A BUSINESS? When my husband’s time in the army was up after 26 years, we moved to our forever home. After helping family and friends unpack and declutter, I found I enjoyed it. So I decided to start my own unpacking and decluttering business. Moving house and relocating is stressful enough, and after all these years of experience in moving with children and pets, I am happy to help make that transition from house to home a bit easier!

BIGGEST CHALLENGE? Confidence – I can find approaching people hard, but I told myself I am offering a great service, which I am good at. What’s the worst that can happen?

BEST THING ABOUT RUNNING A BUSINESS? Being my own boss, deciding what hours I do, and the pride in seeing the finished product and having a happy customer leave a great review.

TOP TIPS: Be social media savvy. Most of the business I have made has been through social media apps. If you have an idea for a business and enjoy it, go for it!

Scattered Blooms –


MILITARY CONNECTION: A military spouse.

WHY START A BUSINESS? I was just coming off maternity leave after the birth of my second son, and contemplating the sort of job I’d need to fit in with military motherhood was a daunting task. So I opened my mind to finding something that I could do for myself.

Scattered Blooms makes bespoke seed hearts from the ashes of a loved one or pet, wildflower seeds and a soil compound. Once planted, the flowers create a stunning memorial garden.

BIGGEST CHALLENGE? Carving out the time to work! Currently my husband is able to have the kids in the morning or evening, but I know that there will be times when he can’t be around. I’ll have to be inventive with when I get work done, in addition to all the other jobs around the house!

BEST THING ABOUT RUNNING A BUSINESS? Being around for my children and knowing that if I’m needed I can be there 100 per cent of the time, through illnesses and school holidays too.

TOP TIPS: Be prepared for huge peaks and some pretty dire troughs in the beginning. You will get through it, you just need to keep taking tiny steps.


If you’re looking for support and guidance in starting your own business, there are a few organisations who could help you:

X-Forces Enterprise: X-Forces Enterprise (XFE) nurtures entrepreneurial ambition for the UK military community, and is the appointed armed forces community business support partner for the Government’s Start Up Loans programme. XFE helps those who would like to start their own businesses with a full package of training, finance, networking and mentoring.

XFE holds regular start-up skills and self-employment discovery workshops online, and also has a Knowledge Exchange Hub which is a one-stop shop for all things related to self-employment and enterprise. 

The Milspo Business Network: The Milspo Business Network is a global network of business leaders. The network offers peer-to-peer support to all UK military spouses, partners and other-halves by providing training, networking and access to like-minded business owners. 

Heropreneurs: Heropreneurs is a military charity offering free business mentoring from experts who have created and grown their own businesses and industry leaders who want to give their free time to help budding and seasoned entrepreneurs within our armed forces community. 

For more information on self-employment, visit

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