WE KNOW our children best. We are there for them in every posting and are the constant in their lives.

Learning opportunities that link one posting to another are hugely welcomed, and the Children’s University (CU) does just that.

The charity encourages, tracks and celebrates learning beyond the classroom, as Liam Nolan, head of communications and stakeholder engagement at CU, explained: “We work with more than 1,000 schools and 100,000 independent learners.

“Children discover a love of learning by choosing what they learn and trying new experiences.

“Young CU graduates know what success feels like and see themselves and the world differently. Importantly, they are motivated to continue their learning journeys.”

What’s involved?

It’s open to children aged 5-14, who take part at school.

They accumulate learning hours and stamps, with a graduation event at the end of the year.

“We have a newspaper club, loom bands club, computer club, superstars and a German club,” said one youngster from St David’s School in Ramstein, Germany – an SCE school that runs the CU.

Southmead Primary in Devon strives to develop the best links it can with Service families at the nearby camp.

Headteacher Gill Gillett said: “We joined the CU to raise excitement, participation and aspiration for children.

“Research shows children who become engaged in extra-curricular activities have more positive attitudes and better learning outcomes.”

CU coordinator Sarah Davies highlighted how the scheme recognises the commitment shown by young people: “The passport helps children record their participation and the scheme rewards them with awards for their efforts.

“Recognition is a great motivator.”

Sign up now

Ask your school for details and if they haven’t signed up yet, why not pop in for a chat? Take this article with you or find out more at childrensuniversity.co.uk

If your school runs this scheme, AFF’s Education & Childcare Specialist, Lucy Scott would love to hear from you. Email her at ec@aff.org.uk

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