A RECENT AFF campaign to raise awareness of Service children’s education saw our co-ordinators go out and about to answer questions and support you with all your queries.

It was clear that many of you have concerns regarding schools admissions and the appeals process, in all areas of the country as well as overseas. Almost 40 per cent of our enquiries during the month were about admissions and this clearly demonstrates that there are more complexities around securing a first-choice school place than in previous years.

We also saw an increase in enquiries around boarding school information, childcare and the use of Service Pupil Premium. In all, we had 250 education and childcare enquiries during April.

One family told us that when they were posted from Scotland to England, they really struggled to find a school place for their daughter in their new location.

They said: “We’re now in the south east of England. My daughter has been on the waiting list for the local school ever since we had our address given to us but still no sign of her getting in.

“She was in the pre-school in the same town before we moved to Scotland, so she’s familiar with the setting and I am really keen for her to go back here. The council have sent me a list of schools with spaces and the majority are not within walking distance.

“Schooling is different in Scotland so she is going to be a year behind her peers already. I am feeling let down and forgotten about by the whole system, and have no idea where to turn or what to do that will be best for my daughter.”

We were able to direct this family to the Children’s Education Advisory Service, which was able to support them. To find out more, visit AFF’s education pages.

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